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KU announces 10 graduate research consultants for spring classes

Thursday, March 08, 2018

LAWRENCE — This spring, 10 graduate research consultants are pairing with instructors in a wide variety of fields to challenge undergraduate students to further develop their research and creative skills through classroom-based projects.

The Graduate Research Consultant (GRC) Program, administered by the University of Kansas Center for Undergraduate Research, is one of many initiatives at KU to expand experiential learning opportunities to a larger number of students. The GRC program provides $500 to a graduate student who works with a particular course to help design a research or creative project, mentor students and evaluate student learning. GRCs are expected to work 30 hours over the course of the semester to facilitate the students’ projects. The goal of the program is to enable the instructor to require more demanding research and creative projects while providing more support for the students.

Instructors and GRCs jointly applied for the awards in December, detailing the types of activities they wanted to pursue in their classes and the learning outcomes they hope to achieve through these projects. 

Applications for Fall 2018 GRCs will be due July 15. More information about the Center for Undergraduate Research and the Graduate Research Consultant Program is available online.

GRC/instructor groups are listed below, along with course information:

  • Meagan Marie (Lusie) Cuskey, doctoral student in theatre, and Mechele Leon, associate professor of theatre; a project with THR 308: Script Analysis.
  • Jacqueline Garcia, masters student in health policy & management, and Victor Gonzalez, director of the Undergraduate Biology Program; a project with BIOL 242: Human Anatomy Dissection Laboratory.
  • Zachary Grant, masters student in visual art, and Francisca María Velasco, associate professor of visual art; a project with EXM 307/577/542: Installation Art.
  • Avary Kolasinski, doctoral student in mathematics, and Agnieszka Miedlar, associate professor of mathematics; a project with MATH 591: Applied Numerical Linear Algebra.
  • Yuchen Liu, doctoral student in journalism, and Mugur Geana, associate professor of journalism; a project with JOUR 460: Research Methods in Strategic Communication.
  • Philip Maschke, doctoral student in journalism, and Chad Curtis, lecturer of journalism; a project with JOUR 488: Laboratory in Media Production.
  • Paige Rainforth, masters student in communication studies, and Ali Brox, lecturer of environmental studies; a project with EVRN 172: Kansas Landscapes Projects.
  • Chris Reid, masters student in health, sport & exercise science, and Mary Fry, associate professor of health, sport & exercise science; a project with HSES 440: Applied Sport and Performance Psychology.
  • Paula Roy, doctoral student in ecology & evolutionary biology, and Jennifer Gleason, associate professor of ecology & evolutionary biology; a project with BIOL 652/420: Comparative Animal Behavior.
  • Lesley Wheeler, doctoral student in English, and Megan Kaminski, assistant professor of English; a project with ENGL 352: Poetry Writing I.