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In the media: KU WWI reenactment project

Friday, July 11, 2014

A century after the assassination that sparked the First World War, re-enactors tweeted as key characters to play out the events of June 28, 1914. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand quickly led to conflict among several nations in Europe, and eventually throughout the world.

The Twitter re-enactment was part of the KU World War I Project, a collaborative effort on campus to get students, faculty, staff and the community involved in retelling and rediscovering the history of the conflict that significantly changed the course of the modern world. The project was part of the National World War I Museum's commemoration on June 28; many of the main characters in the tweet-enactment tweeted live from the museum

The public followed along with the assassination re-enactment on Twitter through the hashtag #KU_WWI or through Twitter feeds at www.crees.ku.edu and www.european.ku.edu, where the tweets are still available to read.

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