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Creating an Inclusive Environment

The College Diversity, Equity & Inclusion office supports the students, faculty and staff in the Heart of KU by providing interactive and engaged learning, outreach, and development opportunities that align with three principal goals that span campus enrichment and innovation:

  • Goal 1: Actively cultivate an inclusive and equitable campus climate through innovative programming, community outreach, and development opportunities
  • Goal 2: Recruit, retain and develop a diverse faculty, staff, and student community by fostering cutting-edge research and curating dynamic public intellectual forums
  • Goal 3: Inspire innovative scholarship and teaching through partnerships with campus innovators, education leaders, and industry professionals

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at KU is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and equitable environment. Aligning with the strategic plan of the KU Office of Diversity & Equity, our overarching strategy is to support the Provost’s office campus plan to foster and maintain a university environment that sees diversity as the foundational element of excellence. Our programming and initiatives reflect a commitment to serving our campus and greater community while increasing the cultural literacy and competency of our faculty, staff, and students. We believe that we must be willing to see and hear the experiences of our colleagues, peers, and students as important parts of a whole that make KU the flagship university of the state of Kansas. By amplifying the important stories and experiences that make us unique, we can come together to respect and protect the dynamic opportunities for collaboration, engaged research, scholarly excellence, and creativity that a diverse campus yields for everyone. World-class research, prolific scholarship and dynamic creativity are produced through a radical engagement with diversity that expects inclusivity and equity to be foundational components of a top research university like KU. We invite you to explore our programs and support opportunities and to claim your vital contributions to OUR KU.

Resources from the College

The College provides numerous resources in support of our diversity, equity, an inclusion mission. Learn more of about our current initiatives below.

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Jayhawk First Look

Jayhawk First Look is a community outreach program providing high school and community college students with opportunities to learn about next-steps in a four-year university application process.

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DEI YouTube Channel

The College DEI YouTube channel offers selections of short- and long-form videos and web streaming programs curated by the College DEI team to cover a wide range of topics.

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Digital DEI Map

This resource is a dynamic, digital map providing access to places at KU that offer support, programming, and professional development for all things DEI.

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Additional Resources

  • The Graduate Student of Color Network: The Graduate Student of Color Network is an academically supported cohort of graduate students across the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. This distinctive network allows graduate students of color to be seen, heard and supported in their units through specific programming, social events, and academic development.
  • Faculty & Staff DEI Development Travel Fund: Faculty and Staff DEI Development Travel Fund The College DEI provides four travel supplements per year (fall and spring) for faculty or staff who have been accepted at conferences, workshops and other forums to increase their personal fluency in discourses of diversity, equity and inclusion. Faculty members who are not invited to present, but are accepted as a participant for research development are eligible. The faculty or staff member must apply directly to the Associate Dean of DEI in the College. Applications must include screenshots of acceptance letters and a brief abstract detailing how the opportunity to learn will increase campus equity, inclusive mentoring and unit support.
  • Speak Out Funding: The College DEI offers supplemental support to departments, units and centers in the College that are strategically program-planning through inclusive, equitable and diverse perspectives.