Hands-on Learning

Studying in the College allows you to learn by doing. Many classes often feature a lab or fieldwork component where you’ll be able to apply the things you’ve learned in lecture. You can also take classes where you create and share works, through films, performances or exhibits. And across a variety of subjects, our faculty develop creative projects that pair what you learn in the classroom with real-world scenarios, such as producing a historical exhibit on KU in the tumultuous ‘60s or creating artisitic renderings of human anatomy, pairing arts and sciences for an "Artnatomy" exhibit.

Combining your classroom experience with other hands-on learning opportunities can maximize your KU experience. Our students participate frequently in a variety of experiential learning programs available on campus.

See it for yourself

Our Habitat series explores spaces in the College that provide students unique learning opportunities.

Study Abroad

In addition to hands-on learning on campus, many departments in the College sponsor study abroad opportunities. These programs allow you to learn in settings around the globe often in locations tied to the subjects you’re studying. About one third of students in the College study abroad during their time at KU.

Visit the Office of Study Abroad website to learn more about possible destinations for you!

Service Learning

Service learning recognizes students' co-curricular experiences in utilizing their classroom skills to meet community-identified needs. Students can earn a Certificate in Service through service learning courses, volunteer work, and reflecting on your service learning experiences. Service learning is open to all university students, with the majority of course offerings coming from the College.

Undergraduate Research

The research and creative works created here don’t just transform our world, they can also transform you. In collaboration with the KU Center for Undergraduate Research, the College offers research opportunities for undergraduates from the moment you walk onto campus. These hands-on experiences bring the material and skills you learn in class to life. We also provide a variety of resources for graduate students across campus, whether you’re planning to be a professor or a professional. Research provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Expand your curiosity
  • Think creatively and critically
  • Problem solve
  • Improve project management skills

All the experience you'll gather while participating in research in the College will benefit your career prospects no matter which direction you go upon graduation.


The University Career Center (UCC) offers a wide range of quality services designed to support and challenge KU students at all points on the career development and implementation path. The UCC offers career fairs, career coaching and assessments, job search tools, resume help and more. The UCC is the number-one career resource for students in the College. Students can also find opportunities through their major department.