Winter Session

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Important Things to Know

Undergraduate Winter Session classes in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences are 4-week, fully online courses offered during the winter break.

Winter 2021 classes begin Dec. 20, 2021 and end Jan. 14, 2022.

Winter session counts toward your spring enrollment for financial aid purposes, and for calculating full or part-time student status in the spring. If between the hours you enroll in for the traditional spring semester and winter session exceed 20 hours, you will need to complete a request to enroll in excess hours.

Tuition and fees for winter session will be calculated together with your total spring enrollment, no additional fees apply for winter session enrollment outside of your normal tuition and fees assessment. Winter session occurs before financial aid refunds are dispersed. Expect to pay out of pocket for books and other expenses until funds are disbursed after the start of the spring semester.

Winter session classes are counted as any other course for determining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid. Remember to consider this carefully before dropping/withdrawing from a winter course.

Contact the College Online at with any questions or for more information.

Winter Session Courses

Winter Session Courses
Course NumberSection NumberCourse TitleCourse Attribute
AAAS 10358249Introduction to AfricaGE3S, NW, S, SC, W
AAAS 10449471Intro African-American StudiesAE41, SC, U
AAAS 10557686Intro to African HistoryGE11, GE3H, H, NW, W
AAAS 32549616Popular Black MusicH
AAAS 52053393African Studies in:AE42, H, NW, W
ABSC 10052974Introd Applied Behavrl ScienceGE11, GE3S, S, SI
ABSC 15050266Community LeadershipAE51, S, SF
ABSC 15150317Community Leadership, HonorsHonors, AE51, S, SF
ABSC 16048017Intro Child Behavior&DevelpmntGE3S, S, SI
ABSC 30852948Research Methods & ApplicationGE11, S
ABSC 36050273Drugs, Addiction, and BehaviorS
AMS 10057702Introductn to American StudiesAE41, GE3H, H, HT
AMS 11057703American IdentitiesAE41, GE3S, S, SC
AMS 33249786United States in Global ContxtAE42, S
ANTH 38952955Anthr Gendr:Female Male&BeyondAE42, GE21, GE3H, GE3S, NW, W
ANTH 48452298Magic, Science, and ReligionAE42, GE3S, NW, S, W
CLSX 14851451Greek and Roman MythologyAE42, GE11, GE3H, H, HL, W
CLSX 33251452Medical Termnlgy:Grk&Lat RootsGE3H, H, HL
CLSX 38452429Ethics in Greek TragedyAE51, H, HL
ECON 42659059Statistics and Data AnalysisS
EVRN 14851352Scientfc Princpls Envrnmt StdsGE3N, N, NB
FMS 41051264US Diversity in Visual CultureAE41, H
FREN 15057512Zombies, Aliens, MonstersGE11
GEOG 14851458Scientfc Princpls Envrnmt StdsGE3N, N, NB
GEOL 30150900Introduction to OceanographyGE3N, N
GEOL 54851452Geology & Culture of PolynesiaAE42, N
HIST 10457685Intro to African HistoryGE11, GE3H, H, NW, W
HIST 124/LAC 10057687Latin American Culture&SocietyAE42, S, SC
LDST 20052983Intro Leadrshp Studes&ApplctnsAE51, BGSC, S, SC
LING 10657758Introductory LinguisticsAE42, GE11, GE3S, S, SC
LING 11052657Language and MindAE41, GE11, GE3S, S, SI
LING 32052658Language in Cultur and SocietyAE41, AE61, S, SC
POLS 11049414Introduction to U.S. PoliticsGE3S, S, SF
POLS 33058061Intro to Public AdministrationS
POLS 67058357United States Foreign PolicyS
PUAD 33043575, 58063Intro to Public AdministratioS
PSYC 59858865Positive PsychologyS
SOC 33249787United States in Global ContxtAE42, S
WGSS 10157581Intro Wmn,Gndr,&Sexulty StdsAE41, GE3S, S, SC
WGSS 38952954Anthr Gendr:Female Male&BeyondAE42, GE21, GE3H, GE3S, NW, W

Winter Session Frequently Asked Questions

Catch up, get ahead, knock out a KU Core requirement - all solid reasons to take a winter session class. Receive credit for taking a four week, online course during your winter break. Find out more about KU's online offerings.

Winter session is open to any and all students interested in any of the classes offered. You can find a list of classes below. Due to the accelerated pace of winter classes we do recommend that you only take one class per winter session, but two is sometimes doable. Make a solid plan for success using our Guide to Online Success!

There are 5 spots in each winter class that are reserved for students with graduation hardships. If you find you cannot enroll in a winter course and you are not a senior, or have other extenuating circumstances, you can add yourself to the waitlist. Those with hardships should contact for permission to enroll, only after trying to enroll. 

Find available classes by searching for the course in Enroll and Pay, and choosing the section with the Class Number in the table above. Classes can also be found through Schedule of Classes by limiting search to "only sections that are not full term" and then looking for the dates that correspond to the winter session.